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Hiring Michelle last year to do my books was a game changer for me. Being a Real Estate Broker, I specialize in helping people sell and buy homes. I really dislike the administrative part of this career and struggled to keep track of my financials. With Michelle, I take pictures of receipts and send them to her and she takes care of everything! When I took my P & L statement into my new CPA and she was very impressed with Michelle’s work and commented so several times. She (the CPA) even confided the only reason she let me have an appt in April was because of the order of my financials . That was due to Michelle’s timely and organized work! I cannot recommend her enough!

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— Dawn Magagnotti

Realtor                                                                             Rossi and Taylor Realty Group

Hiring a Michelle to be my bookkeeper has been one of my smartest business moves ever. I've been lucky enough to have her helping me with my "books" for over a year now. She makes finances tremendously easy for me. Because of her encouragement and support, I was finally able to separate my personal income/expenses from my professional income/expenses. I've finally made a real profit and Michelle helps guide me to where to direct the revenue of the business (including how much I can/should pay myself from the company). I tell everyone about her. In fact, in my business roadmap that I've created to help small businesses grow, one of the first steps is to hire a good bookkeeper (and I of course recommend Michelle to them because I'm so delighted with her service). My business would never be the same again without her! #WorkSmarterNotHarder - hire Michelle!


— Barbara Caine

FUSE Business Training,                        Business Growth Trainer & Keynote Speaker